Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'm back

Hey guys! After almost one year of not being active in this blog, I decided I want to come back and use this as a refuge where I could go and feel safe and happy. 

I don't know if I ever told you the real reason why I created this blog, and so I'd like to share it with you. I've always wanted to work in the beauty industry and, for me, L'Oréal is one of the biggest brands here in Portugal and so I made everything I could to try to get their attention. 

I knew I had to be different, to add something to the boring curriculums that everyone has. 

And with that in mind, I created my youtube channel and alongside this blog. I have to stay my efforts to get their attention were effective and I had the pleasure to work there during that summer. But since then, I've kinda forgotten about these little projects that I created and that I loved doing! It's true I've been busy with many other projects and university and summer jobs, but right now, I have too much time to spare. 

I've decided I'm going to start writing here at least once everyday, about beauty and makeup but also lifestyle and university. I wanna do it with a fresh look and fresh name, now it's just me doing this for me, because it makes me happy! 

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