Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MAC Cinderella Limited Edition Collection

So, I have this kind of love/hate relationship with MAC limited editions. The thing is, they are so brilliantly designed to look cute and to make you want to buy the whole bunch because they all match and they are all cute. See? 

But this also works as the Cheerleader effect, which I don't know if you are aware of, but it states that in a group of girls, they all look hot and perfect but then when you look closely at each one, you'll see they're not so pretty as you initially thought. 

About the Cinderella collection: 
Packaging is on point! Beautiful cinderella blue with gold peaces. Totally appropriate with the theme and super cute! In terms of overall color palette, it seems to be a very neutral collection with very easy colors to use on an everyday basis, except for 2 of the glitters that are more "out there". 
I've seen quite some reviews of these products, and for what I've seen, I would purchase the darker colored lipstick (Royal Ball), the eyeshadow x 6 because MAC eyeshadow quality is amazing and it's much worth it to buy it in a compact, specially this one that has this cute packaging, and finally the golden-brown pigment (Pretty it up) because it is such a great neutral easy to use shade.

Overall: I think it's a beautiful collection, if I was rich I would easily buy everything but because I'm not, I'd only consider the products I mentioned above :)

Recommend full review of the products:

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