Friday, March 13, 2015

Is the Future in the Future?

Everyone talks about the future as this distant and uncertain thing which we cannot control. It's true, it's far away and that you can't know for sure what life can throw at you but it's also true that your decisions make a great impact on your present and future life. 

So the real problem is: how do we know what is a good decision? Which decision should we make? How do we know if our future will be better if you choose one way and not the other?

Throughout life we bump into decision points, where we are forced to decide little bits and pieces that help shape our future. The thing is, to make a good decision, the key point is information, to be aware of all of the options and all of the possible results of those options. And the problem here is that we don't have half the details on the options available and we can't predict the turnouts. 

So how do we decide? How do we shape our future? We search as much as we can, we reflect on what we really want in life, we surround ourselves of family, friends, strangers that have been thru the same turning points and have some words of wisdom to share, and, we choose. 

So we don't know what the future holds, but whenever you see yourself in these turning points and when you do finally choose, make sure you are at least 95% sure of your choice and, the other 5%, just have faith, believe in yourself, try to do the best you can and you might be surprised with the outcome!

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