Monday, October 12, 2015

Why do single girls watch Romantic movies?

So, here's the thing I have the biggest love and hate at the same time: Romantic Movies.
On the one hand, they are beautiful and heart warming and even heart breaking sometimes, filled with up and downs and crying. A lot of crying.
But on the other hand, it's bad for a single person to watch movies such like these ones because it gives them illusions of what life is and how love can be found or happen. The beautiful ideas for these movies, many times inspired by books, will clutter the girl's mind and judgement. All of a sudden, you think you might fall in love while you're walking down the street, or bump into someone that happens to be a gorgeous-looking Zac Efron. It gives us higher expectations and wishes that maybe you didn't need after all. Every girl wants a bad boy, but not a drug dealer kind of bad boy, a specific bad boy, one that has been through some tough times in his life and makes not so good decisions but that when she appears, he would give up all his bad choices for her. 

No! That's not going to happen, because that is not the way things happen! Bad boys are simply bad boys and you should know not to mess with them. And perfect guys, that say everything you want to hear, also don't exist. 

So, in the end, why do single girls watch Romantic movies that all they do is mess with their heads and create false expectations?

They watch them because it gives them hope. I might be very wrong by saying this, but I think, in the end, no one likes to be alone. So if watching those movies gives them hope of finding that true, happy, exciting and thrilling love, then won't feel so alone.